Energy Modeling

With a few data points collected during our walk-through, we are able to model your energy improvements to deliver the best possible results.

Compelling Reports

Deliver rich, easy-to-understand, customized reports specific to your home

Home Energy Score

Determine how your home stacks up to similar sized homes using the Department of Energy standard

Ready to improve on your energy footprint?  We can help

Whether you’re are a DIYer, or you prefer to get hire the experts, we are here to help!   We can generate a job directly from your Energy Improvement Roadmap report to begin improving your energy footprint!

    Comprehensive energy audit that includes:
  • Baseline Energy Usage
  • Recommended improvements to minimize your carbon footprint
  • Return on Investment for each improvement
     Current & Projected Energy Usage Assessment
  • Baseline Energy Usage for electrical and non-electrical sources
  • Project energy usage based on energy efficiency goals
     Improvement Metrics –  No more guessing!
  • Baseline Energy Usage vs project energy usage after improvements
  • Prioritize your improvements based on largest Return on Investment
     Detailed Recommendations:
  • Data-based recommendations using diagnostic data
  • Blower Door Test, Duct Leakage Tests, Thermography images, etc.
Recommended Improvements