Reduce Build Cost

AeroBarrier allows new levels of efficiency that will prevent common waste-traps throughout the construction process.

AeroBarrier has many benefits that go beyond just energy savings and the guarantee of meeting any requirement


AeroBarrier removes the labor inconsistencies of time and quality, placing air sealing in a single, guaranteed process.

Air sealing isn’t just the responsibility of framers, drywallers and insulation companies. With an average of 22 sub-contractors involved in a single build, it becomes difficult to manage air sealing from start to finish. Unfortunately, tight schedules and miscommunication increase the odds of penetrations not being sealed prior to surfaces being installed, making them inaccessible.

The good news is that AeroBarrier can be applied at any stage of the build and correct any missed sealing in just a few hours –even leaks in inaccessible areas, with precision. This provides worry free, guaranteed air sealing results in up to 1/3 of the time it traditionally would take. AeroBarrier not only reduces labor costs on the front end, it removes costly rework on the back end, removes the cost of additional compliance attempts and the worry of holding costs for not meeting deadlines.


AeroBarrier’s guaranteed air sealing lets your insulation materials perform as they were designed.

While AeroBarrier does not provide an insulation value, it does address all the air leakage. Removing air leakage is key to the performance of any insulation. If outside temperatures are able to freely flow into a wall/floor/roof system, then the “true” R-Value will be diminished. AeroBarrier allows any insulation material you use to perform better, even spray foam.

Since AeroBarrier significantly removes air leakage, you can begin to rethink which insulation material you require to still offer an energy efficient home. Fiberglass insulation becomes more efficient and cost effective than ever after AeroBarrier has been applied. With open cell spray foam being two to three times the cost of fiberglass, switching from spray foam to an AeroBarrier/fiberglass insulation package can save builders more than $2500 alone. The savings are even greater when compared to closed cell spray foam. And


These are savings you can both recover and pass along to your homeowners for a more attractive offer.

A tighter home, that can be controlled through mechanical ventilation, such as ERV’s or HRV’s, offers many cost saving benefits. Right off the top, you will be able to shave off the tonnage on HVAC equipment and reduce the duct work size. A reduction in just 0.5 tons for an HVAC system can save over $800 per build.

Additionally, heating and cooling is a home’s largest energy consumer. Reducing the Air Changes per Hour (ACH) by properly air sealing and using mechanical ventilations offers significant drops in energy consumption. Less energy consumption equals less solar panels required to offset utility costs, meaning you can lessen the number of panels necessary. Each solar panel will save you $535 on average plus labor costs associated. Furthermore, significantly reducing energy consumption by air sealing with AeroBarrier makes the offer of net metering more practical than ever.