Meet Any Requirement

Such as IECC, Energy Star, Leed, Passive House or Net Zero

Aerobarrier makes meeting stringent codes and requirements more practical and affordable than ever before, all with guaranteed results


At the minimum, codes continue to become more stringent as energy conservation becomes a greater priority around the country. The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) code is revised and updated every 3 years and once a state adopts it, every build permitted afterwards must meet the new standard.

These increasingly stringent standards present many obstacles to a builder’s construction process depending on how drastic of a change there is in the code. Learning new techniques, adding new products to the build, hiring additional support, and increasing labor time, just to name a few, become costly to a builder’s operations.

• AeroBarrier easily integrates into any build process and requires minimal training and resources.
• AeroBarrier removes the need for hiring additional labor to meet the new air sealing demands.
• AeroBarrier produces consistent and guaranteed results allowing you to perform more efficiently than before while still meeting, or outperforming, the more stringent codes.
• AeroBarrier will future proof your build process against imminent energy code changes.

energy requirements


For the production builders looking to exceed the minimum state regulated IECC, AeroBarrier is the first and only plug-n-play solution to meet any air sealing requirement. This allows every builder that aspires to take their builds a step above the minimum, such as Energy Star, LEED or even Passive House, to add these increased levels of performance to every build. Providing these additional levels of performance open-up different market opportunities and profit potential with developers and communities as the expectation of healthy, energy efficient homes increases.

For current high-performance builders that are constantly looking to improve, look no further than AeroBarrier. Although many high-performance builders have figured out a method to achieving various energy requirements via hand sealing, there is always room for improvement. AeroBarrier has been shown to drastically reduce labor time while completely removing the possibility of a failed blower door inspection. Reducing such costs allows builders to save money and quickly scale their business.

Homes and buildings that meet these additional requirements offer lower energy bills that translate to a higher sale price. Such programs incentivize builders to meet these higher standards.