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Most people are now familiar with the ENERGY STAR logo when it comes to buying energy-efficient appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, and washer/dryers. Did you know you can have your entire home ENERGY STAR certified?


  • Home Energy Audit Modelling and Ratings.
  • Blower Door and Duct Leakage Testing.
  • Energy Efficiency Tax Incentive Certification.
  • Air Sealing with   Zero Energy Ready
    •  Envelope Air Sealing to any level, guaranteed.
    •  IECC Compliance, ENERGY STAR, NetZero,  NetZero Ready, LEED, Passive House.

The benefits are numerous. Builders can receive tax incentives, reduce warranty and call-back issues, get a competitive advantage over other builders not offering ENERGY STAR-rated homes, and meet a growing consumer demand for sustainable building. Consumers will enjoy lower energy bills, reduced leaks and drafts, more consistent room temperatures, improved indoor air quality, and higher resale value.

CoVa Green Homes, a small locally owned business out of Virginia Beach, is an energy efficiency services provider offering a host of services for both builders and homeowners to significantly increase energy efficiencies of new construction and existing homes.

Additionally, CoVa Green Homes offers Home Energy Rating (HERS)—certified by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET), Compliance Blower Door Testing (RESNET/BPI Certified Professional), Duct Leakage Testing (RESNET/BPI Certified Professional), and Air Sealing. In fact, they are THE ONLY energy efficiency services provider in Coastal Virginia to offer AeroBarrier, a patented and innovative air sealing system for a home to reach any level of air tightness.


“We think every builder and homeowner in the area we serve—which includes Coastal Virginia and northeast North Carolina—can benefit in some way from our services,” says Ken Krooner, co-owner of CoVa Green Homes. “As of July of this year, Virginia has put a new regulation in place that states every new house being built will have to be blower door tested to confirm a minimum level of air tightness of the building envelope. We can provide that service, as well as a variety of different products and services that can help builders meet these new code requirements while also assisting homeowners in meeting their energy efficiency goals.”


The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) is one way to accomplish that. “HERS modeling is something that builders and homeowners can use to get energy efficient tax credits,” says Chris Morin, co-owner. “We can also test homes to evaluate your energy consumption and provide solutions to improve overall energy efficiency. Think of it like buying a car that gets good gas milage. Your home is your largest investment, we can help you maximize its value and make it run more efficiently.”